Physics 235 List Server

I have created a list server for Physics 235. A list server is a program that distributes email messages to all persons subscribed to the server. The main goal of the server is to facilitates the exchange of information between Physics 235 students. To subscribe to the list server you can complete the form shown on the following URL:

You will receive a confirmation of your registration, including a password that can be used to change your preferences.
To send an email to all subscribers of the list server you send an email to This email will then be distributed to all the students subscribed to the list server. I will monitor the emails distributed to ensure that it is only used for appropriate information exchange. For example, emails like "Who is interested in forming a study group to study for the next exam", "Who wants to get together on Monday night to work on problem 17 of this weeks homework set", etc. are appropriate, but emails like "I have the solutions for HW # 1 on sale", "The answer of problem 1 on the current homework is 10 N", etc. are not.

The archive of the mailing list can be reached via the following URL:

The archive contains copies of all emails distributed to the mailing list since it was created.

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List Server

Mailing list for Physics 235.

Only registered users can send email to the mailing list. Only students registered for Phy 235 can subscribe to the mailing list.

All emails distributed to the list are archived and you can consult this archive at any time. The password required to access the archive will be distributed on the first day of each month.