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LUX Collaboration

The LUX collaboration has assembled a team with the breadth of experience and experience to design, construct and deploy a 300 kg active mass two-phase Xe experiment that will extend current dark matter sensitivity two orders of magnitude beyond current best limits, and to establish a clear leadership role for the United States in the field of direct dark matter detection. LUX is composed of the majority of the US groups from XENON10, the majority of the US component of ZEPLIN II, and new groups that bring essential experience in background rejection and rare event detection from the large scale neutrino experiments such as SuperK, SNO, Kamland and Double Chooz.


  Richard Gaitskell PI, Professor
Simon Fiorucci, Postdoc
Peter Sorensen, Graduate student
Luiz de Viveiros, Graduate student
Jeremy Chapman, Graduate student
Carlos Hernandez Faham, Graduate student
David Malling, Graduate student

Case Western

  Thomas Shutt PI, Professor
Alexander Bolozdynya Senior Scientist
Dan Akerib Professor
Mike Dragowsky Senior Research Associate
Eric Dahl Graduate student
John Kwong Graduate student
Adam Bradley Graduate student
Jeremy Mock Undergraduate student

Lawrence Berkeley

  Kevin Lesko Senior Physicist

Lawrence Livermore

  Adam Bernstein Deputy Group Leader and Staff Physicist
Dennis Carr Eng. Mech. Assoc.
Steven Dazeley Physicist
Kareem Kazkaz Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Maryland (College Park)

  Carter Hall Professor

Texas A&M

  James White, Professor
Tyana Stiegler, Graduate student

UC Davis

  Mani Tripathi, Professor
Robert Svoboda, Professor
Richard Lander, Professor
Britt Holbrook, Senior Engineer
Tim Classen, Postdoc
Melinda Sweany, Graduate student
Nick Walsh, Graduate student
Hengkui Wu, Graduate student
Ronald Bybee, Undergraduate student

University of Rochester

  Frank Wolfs, Professor
Tom Ferbel, Professor
Udo Schroeder, Professor
Wojtek Skulski, Senior scientist
Jan Toke, Senior scientist
Eryk Druszkiewicz, Graduate student


  Daniel McKinsey, Professor
James Nikkel, Research scientist
Alessandro Curioni, Postdoc
Louis Kastens, Graduate student
Susie Bedikian, Graduate student

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