Trigger Builder


In the LUX experiment we want to obtain as much geometrical(positioning) information about a given event. Individual DDC-8xxx modules offer eight channels. If one was to use a single DDC-8xxx board for triggering one would be limited by only eight regions into which we could group all the PMTs. Thus to increase the amount of grouping areas Wojtek Skulski has designed so called Trigger Builder board which makes it possible to use many DDC-8xxx modules. The Trigger Builder has eight HDMI connectors. In the simplest configuration this enables one to connect up to eight DDC-8xxx boards (64 individual channels). The Trigger Builder constantly collects triggering information from individual DDC-8xxx modules and based on that makes a final, global triggering decision.
There is also a potential of using, for example, two levels of Trigger Builder boards and by doing so be able to have 448 input channels for triggering.


The board:

Unpopulated Trigger Builder module

Main parameters:

Trigger Builder
FPGA Xilinx XC3S500E
Block Memory 45kB
Additional  features Eight (8) HDMI high speed connector


Real application:

LUX Trigger

Eryk Druszkiewicz, Frank Wolfs
Trigger Builder And DDC-8LUX
The Trigger Builder connected to one DDC-8LUX using the HDMI cable.

Sample LUX triggering setup
Diagram of the LUX trigger configuration