PRS Overview

A Lesson is presented to a Class during a Session. PRS Clickers (IR Clickers and RF Clickers) are used during the Session to transmit Responses to the Questions being presented. Charts of various types are used to graph the distribution of the Responses for each Question, providing the instructor with instantaneous feedback regarding the students' level of comprehension of the material being presented. Session results are marked and stored in Gradebooks.

The Lesson presented during a Session does not have to have been developed in PRS. A Lesson can be made up of PowerPoint Slides. Running a PowerPoint Slide Show that contains PRS Question Slides is considered a Session and can be marked and reviewed like a standard PRS Session. In a Session where Questions and Response Choices from a non-PRS source are presented orally, displayed with an overhead projector, or printed out, the PRS hardware can still be used to capture and record Responses during these No Lesson Sessions.

Timed Questions can be presented during a Session, or the Session itself can be timed, giving students the opportunity to respond to Questions at their own pace and in any order (Self Paced Session). Students using RF Clickers can also save their Responses to a Homework Assignment and turn them in during a Homework Session.

This PRS Help file has been designed to quickly give you information about how to use the features and tools in the PRS application. For more detailed, in-depth information about PRS and its features, please consult the InterWrite PRS User's Guide.