RF Clicker

RF Clicker


Numeric Keypad

Enter numeric Responses and Responses for numbered Multiple Choice Questions

Alpha Characters

Enter Responses for lettered Multiple Choice Responses
Switch to Alpha Mode


Decimal Point

Enter a decimal point in a Numeric Response
Press twice to enter a forward slash (/) in a fraction in a Short Answer Response
Press three times to enter a space in a Short Answer Response


Minus Sign

Enter a minus sign to indicate a negative number


True/False Keys

Enter Response to True/False Question Type
Switch to Alpha Mode


Confidence Level

= Low Confidence and = High Confidence




Scroll Up
Scroll Down

Scroll Up and Scroll Down when in Setup Menu (watch for the symbol on the LCD display), or when in Homework Mode
Scroll through the alphabet when in Alpha Mode



Save input values, e.g., Student ID
Send Responses



Cycle through setting options when is displayed in the lower right corner of the LCD display, or go up a menu level when is in the upper left corner
Backspace to clear a character in an input field


Menu Key

Display Setup Menu
Stop Autoscan




This symbol indicates you can press the or keys to scroll up or down through the Setup Menu options.


When this symbol appears in the upper left corner of the LCD screen, press the key to go up a level in the Setup Menu. When the symbol appears on the second line of the LCD display in the lower right corner, it means you can click on the key to cycle through the possible settings for the Setup Menu option.


When you see this symbol on the LCD display, press the key to display an input field, or a submenu.