Physics 105

February 10, 2003

Today we will conclude our exploration of velocity by measuring the average velocity of an object using the photo gates The photo gates calculate the velocity of an object by measuring the time required to move the object a fixed distance (the fixed distance is equal to the distance between the leading edges of the of the black bands on the plastic plate if we use one photo gate or the distance between two photo gates if we use one to start the time measurement and another one to stop the time measurement).

When we determine the velocity in this manner we need to consider the impact of the size of the fixed distance used to determine the velocity on the calculated velocity. Under certain circumstances, which we will explore in today's experiment, the calculated velocity depends on the distance used to determine it.

Average and instantaneous velocity:

The lab report that is due on Monday 2/17 should focus on velocity. The report should contain the following items:

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