PRS at the University of Rochester

Frank L. H. Wolfs, Department of Physics and Astronomy

On this page I have compiled a number of usefull tools and links related to the use of the Personal Response System (PRS) at the University of Rochester. My first experience with the use of this system occured in Physics 121 (Spring 2004), an although I have used the PRS system in many different ways since then, I certainly did not use every possible mode of operation.

In Summer 2007 the original PRS transmitters, based on infrared technology, were replaced with transmitters that use radiofrequency (rf) technology. The RF transmitters were used for the first time in Fall 2006 in Physics 141 and almost all of the problems associated with the use of the infrared transmitters have been resolved with the introduction of the rf transmitters.

The biggest changes the instructor will see are:

The PRS units will be distributed by the bookstore, and the net cost to the students is $ 10 (a $ 35 deposit is required at the time the students pick up the units). To read the details of the agreement with the bookstore, click here.

Usefull links:

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