Personal Response System Transmitter Program

The University of Rochester Bookstore  agrees to provide Personal Response System Transmitter Systems for student purchase.  Bookstore responsibilities will thus include ordering PRST units, initial direct sales to students, inventory maintenance, and buying back units from students. Academic departments will be responsible for notifying the Bookstore of classroom usage and estimated class enrollment numbers at least  90 days prior to beginning of semester.  Departments involved also agree to continue this program for the entirety of the 2004-2005 school year. 



The University Bookstore will purchase the required number of PRST units directly from GTCO CalComp for $23.00 per unit.  The bookstore will then retail these units to students  in classes specified by faculty.  The retail cost to students will be $33.00. 


Returns of Product:

Once purchased from the bookstore, units cannot be returned for full price unless defective.  Thus, students who purchase the unit and then drop the class will not be eligible for full-price returns.  Students who drop or withdraw from classes may return their transmitter to the bookstore for the $23.00 buyback price within the first week of that semester.  These students may also return their product for buyback price during the last 2 weeks of the semester.


Buyback of Product:

At the end of each semester for which these units are used, the bookstore agrees to buyback the PRST from students.  Students will receive $23.00 for each unit deemed functional by the Professor or Bookstore.  This buyback period will continue for the last two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Units must be returned with working batteries.  The Bookstore will work with Professor Wolf to determine the best method for assuring that repurchased units are functional.



Student's will pay a net cost of $10.00 for use of the unit for the semester. The unit loan price will not be taxable as it is considered a course related textbook.  This price indicates the initial $33.00 cost minus the $23.00 buyback price given back to students.  In the event that a student chooses not to sell back their unit, their cost for the semester will be $33.00