Installing and Registering the PRS PowerPoint Add-in

When InterWrite is installed on your computer, the PRS PowerPoint Add-in creates a PRS Toolbar in PowerPoint. On a Windows computer, the Toolbar is added automatically as part of the PRS installation. On the Mac, the PRS PowerPoint Add-in must be installed manually. Click here for installation instructions on the Mac.

The PRS PowerPoint Add-in must be registered on the system on which it is installed. Registration of the PRS Add-in must be done by a user with Administrator privileges. As the PRS installation must be done by an Administrator, the PRS PowerPoint Add-in is automatically registered during installation, and the registration of the Add-in applies to all future logins of this user.

All other users who login to this system must register using the Register PowerPoint Add-in option from the Start/Programs/InterWrite PRS menu.