Installing the PRS PowerPoint Add-in on the Mac

The following steps describe how to install the PRS PowerPoint Add-in on the Mac.

1 Open PowerPoint and select the PowerPoint Menu.

2 Select the Preferences... menu option.

3 Click on the View tab and uncheck the Project Gallery at startup option. Click on the OK button.

4 Select the Tools Menu.

5 Select the Add-ins... menu option.

6 Click on the Add... button. Navigate to the folder in which PRS is installed. By default, PRS is installed in the InterWrite PRS folder.

7 Select the PRS AddIn.ppa file and click on the Open button.

8 The PRS Add-in file will be listed in the Add-in List. Click on the OK button.

9 Restart PowerPoint.

By default, the PRS Add-in Toolbar displays along the left side of the PowerPoint window. You can move it by grabbing the spot next to the Close button and dragging it to the top of the window where the other Toolbars are located. Click and drag the Resize button to change the PRS Toolbar’s orientation.

There may be some lag time between when a Question Slide is accessed and when PRS is displayed. Remember, patience is a virtue.