Physics 122 List Server

I have created a list server for Physics 122. A list server is a program that distributes email messages to all persons subscribed to the server. The main goal of the server is to allow information exchange between physics 122 students. To subscribe to the list server you send an email message to and in the body of the email you include the following text:

SUBSCRIBE phy122 Your_FirstName Your_LastName

You will receive a confirmation of your registration, and the email address of the account you used to send the subscription request will be used as the email address to which listserver messages will be send. Note that I will keep sending my 122 emails to all registered students, independent of whether or not you are a subscriber of the list server.

To send an email to all subscribers of the listserver you send an email to

This email will then be distributed to all the students subscribed to the listserver. I will monitor the emails distributed to ensure that it is only used for appropriate information exchange. For example, emails like "Who is interested in forming a study group to study for the next exam", "Who wants to get together on Monday night to work on problem 17 of this weeks homework set", etc. are appropriate, but emails like "I have the solutions for HW # 1 on sale", "The answer of problem 1 on the current homework is 0.5*(q + Q)", etc. are not.

Below you will find a copy of information on various commands that the list server accepts. Note that the name of our listserver is phy122.

List Server Help

The currently accepted commands are the following and all must appear in the *BODY* of the message. You can send multiple commands, each in one line finishing with END.

SUBSCRIBE List_Name Your_FirstName Your_LastName

Subscribes you to the list called List_Name.



Unsubscribes you from the list called List_Name.



Shows the list served at this site:


REVIEW List_Name

Shows the list of user currently subscribing to List_Name.



Sends this message.


INFO List_Name

Send information on the list


INDEX List_Name

Shows a list of documents available for GET


SEARCH List_Name Key_Word

Searches the documents for a key_word


GET List_Name File_Name

Retrieves the document called File_Name



Set your subscription parameters to OPTION. Currently available options are: (default options are indicated)


If you have troubles you can contact a non-silicon based life form at

Send comments, questions and/or suggestions via email to and/or visit the home page of Frank Wolfs.