Meeting of the College Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable

Tuesday February 3, 1998

8 am - 9.30 am, B&L 375


  1. Membership
  2. Discussion on scheduling of B&L 407 classroom
  3. April Workshop
  4. Task Forces
  5. Other business

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  1. Access for All (and technology fees): Melissa Guyre (chair), Steve Lewis, Rob Stets
  2. Electronic Course Packs: Nancy Perkins, Stephanie Frontz (chair), Rob Stets
  3. Printing Policy: Fran Versace (chair), Stephanie Frontz, Bill Harcleroad, Steve Lewis
  4. Technology Survey: Amy Herzog (chair), Frank Wolfs
  5. Email Standards: Norm Acunis (chair)
  6. Technology Requirements for Freshmen: Lisa Brown, Melissa Guyre, Fran Versace, Ben Pass, Matt Stanley
  7. Support for Faculty Technology Initiatives: Bill Harcleroad, Rob Stets, Frank Wolfs (chair)
  8. The Support Crisis: Stephanie Frontz, Bill Harcleroad (chair)

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