Email Standards



Current Conclusions:

This charter is intentionally limited to the exchange of electronic documents between faculty and students. Our assumption is that these documents are created using software on PCs and MACs, and will be read using software running on PCs and MACs. We are therefore only considering the exchange of electronic documents between PC/MAC environments. Email clients running on other platforms (like UNIX and VAX) are not being considered.

All students already have free access to a POP server (running on UHURA). Faculty members, except those in Physics and Astronomy and in CAES, also have free access to a POP server. The cost of implementing this "seamless" electronic file exchange should be negligible to the College and should be invisible to the users of the service. We envision that the faculty use Eudora Light or Netscape Communicator to retrieve their email and the students use these to send their email. The packages are free and available for both PC and Mac platforms. However, in order for this approach to work, students need to be able to run these email packages from any of our public computers (which requires the installation of authentication software on all our public machines).

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