To Brookhaven National Laboratory

October 19, 1999

On Tuesday October 19, 1999, I used long-distance cruiser Warrior 38290 to travel between Rochester and Brookhaven. It was a fantastic trip with great views of the fall colors in New York State. I took my digital camera with me and some of the picture I took are shown on these pages.

I departed Rochester at 7.15 am for the 2 hour 16 minute flight to Brookhaven Airport on Long Island. Immediately after departure, I witnessed a beautiful sunrise as shown on the following picture.

Sunrise over Western New York.


The morning sun offered some spectacular views of the finger-lakes region as is shown in the following pictures.

Views of the Finger-Lakes region of New York State




All of these pictures were taken while the autopilot of 38290 kept the plane on course and at altitude. The altitude hold worked flawlessly, offering real hands-off flying. Of course I realize that 38290 does not have an electronic autopilot, but the plane is so well rigged and can be trimmed so well that it offers you the opportunity to really fly hands-off.

Right on course, right at altitude, real hands-off flying in 38290.


Click here for more pictures of the flight to Long Island.