PHOBOS Console

Royal "Dutch" Blue

This document shows some pictures of the PHOBOS control console after it returned from the paint shop. The color used is Royal "Dutch" Blue, as requested by our project manager (and it also happens to be my favorite color). We still have paint left in order to paint other pieces that can be installed in the console.

Front views of the control console. Please note the high-tech kitchen time which is the only piece of equipment currently installed.

Back view of the control console. All doors have locks (and keys).

Top view of the control console. There are holes for monitor cables in the center section. The top at the end of the console was purchased this month since we did not have a top cover for it. All components for this console are still standard stock items.



Various views inside the control console. Please note the air ducts, the drawer, strips for outlets, etc.


Views of the inside of the control console.

Looks good to me! Compare these pictures with what it looked a few weeks ago: