Flight of the PHOBOS Time-of-Flight Group

On October 23, the senior personnel of the PHOBOS time-of-flight group traveled to Brookhaven National Laboratory for a meeting to discuss the design of the PHOBOS data acquisition system. Although we have made this trip many times, this time we took a camera with us to record some of the sights of our travel to Brookhaven. The time of flight to Brookhaven was 2 hours 2 minutes; the time of flight back to Rochester was 3 hours and 25 minutes.



 Sunrise over the finger lakes

 Flying east in the morning always means lot's of sun glare.


 At 9000 feet over HANCOCK on V167


 Right on centerline, but 80 feet too high! Should not be flying and taking pictures at the same time!!!!


 The time-of-flight group enjoying the time of flight!

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