3989 RS-232 Crate Controller




The Model 3989 is a double-width CAMAC crate controller that is driven from a RS-232 serial port. This microprocessor-based module interfaces the CAMAC Dataway to a RS-232 serial port with special PROM-based firmware.

The 3989 functions as either a main or auxiliary crate controller. When used as a main crate controller, the 3989 can function alone or it can support auxiliary controllers. When used as an auxiliary controller, the 3989 shares control of the crate with any main controller that supports auxiliary controllers.


Item Description
Driving port RS-232 with strap-selection of balanced RS-422
Data control signals Request to Send, Clear to Send, Data Set Ready
Baud Rate Selectable, 50 Baud to 19,200 Baud
Application Main or auxiliary crate controller

The 3989 serial port interface uses a header-test protocol that allows up to 128 crate addresses to be used when the external circuitry provides for multidrop signaling.


The 3989 can be used for the following general applications:

  1. Interfaced directly to an RS-232 CRT or hard-copy terminal. This configuration provides an economical single-crate test system under control of the terminal (an enhanced replacement for a manual crate controller).
  2. Interfaced to a computer serial port. This approach provides computer control of a CAMAC system when a dedicated crate controller is not available for that computer type.
  3. Interfaced to a modem for single or multidrop systems. This is an economical way to distribute CAMAC crates over long distances.


+6 volts — 2250 mA
+24 volts — 40 mA
–24 volts — 22 mA

Weight: 1.0 kg. (2 lb. 3 oz.)


Model 3989-D1A — RS-232 Crate Controller


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