1502/10/25/72 Powered CAMAC Crates



This series of powered CAMAC crates fully complies with CAMAC specification IEEE-583. Crates include the CAMAC Dataway with an 86-contact PC edge connector a each station. All units include one or more self-contained blowers as well as a power supply which converts the ac source to the mandatory DC CAMAC Dataway voltages (+/-6 V and +/-24 V) and also provide the optional +/-12 V outputs.


1502 25-station crate (52 A shared on +/- 6 V)
1510 12-station crate (12 A on + 6 V, 4 A on - 6 V)
1525 25-station crate (100 A on + 6 V and - 6 V)
1572 Similar to 1502, but with separate power supply

All crates in this series are arranged for 19-inch relay rack mounting and include module mounting holes for CAMAC only. NIM holes are only available on certain options (refer to ORDERING INFORMATION).

The Model 1502 is a full-featured, 25-station CAMAC crate. It includes a rear-mounted power supply and a front-removable fan tray. The crate can deliver up to 525 W of power. The power supply features +/-6 V outputs shared to 52 A and +/-24 V outputs shared to 9 A. The front panel of the fan tray includes an over-temperature warning LED, a switch-selected digital meter for monitoring all voltages and currents, and removable air-intake filters. Options are available with a rear I/O mounting bar for affixing 36-contact PC edge connectors and with a status bit on a rear LEMO connector. The Model 1572 is similar to the 1502 crate except that the power supply is mounted separately.

The Model 1510 is a 12-station crate for small CAMAC systems or remote units. The front-panel space on the right side is available for customer use. Refer to the 1507 data sheet for information on the 11-slot powered CAMAC minicrate.

The Model 1525 is a full-featured, high-power crate. Its rear-mounted power supply can deliver up to 1680 W of power. The +/-6 V supplies are each rated at 100 A (for a total of 200 A), and the +/-24 V supplies are each rated at 10 A. Microprocessor-based circuitry monitors and displays output voltages, currents, air flow, and temperature. If any parameter exceeds specified limits, the ac input voltage is removed. The 1525 can be supplied with a status byte output readable from the Dataway.

SERIAL PORT OPTIONS (order separately)

+24 V -24 V Shared to +12 V -12 V Shared to +6 V -6 V Shared to
1502/72 6 A 6 A 9 A 3 A 3 A 6A 52 A 52 A 52 A
1510 1 A 1 A 2 A --- --- --- 12 A 4 A 16 A
1525 10 A 10 A 20 A 10 A 10 A --- 100 A 100 A 200 A
  1. On the 1502, 1525, and 1572, the +/-12 V supplies are derived from the +/-24 V sources; therefore the +12 V load must be considered part of the +24 V load and the -12 V load part of the -24 V load.
  2. All models provide current foldback limiting and overvoltage crowbar protection for all output voltages.
  3. All power supplies are of the linear type, except for the +/-6 V supplies on the 1525, which are switching supplies.


# of
Size (cm)
1502-P2C 25 No No No Self-
31.1/48.3/55.9 36 kg
1502-P2D Yes No
1502-P2E No Yes
1502-P2F Yes Yes
1502-P2G No No Yes
1502-P2H No Yes
1510-P2C 12 Yes No Yes Self-
25.4/48.3/55.9 25 kg
1525-P2A 25 Yes Yes No Contained
100 V
40.2/48.3/55.9 55 kg
1525-P2B Contained
120 V
1525-P2C Contained
220 V
1572-P2C 25 No No No Separate 31.1/48.3/29.9 36 kg
1572-P2D Yes
1572-P2E No Yes
1572-P2F Yes
  1. The 1572 includes a separately mounted power supply: 22.2 cm (8 3/4 in) x 48.3 cm (19") x 38.1 cm (15").
  2. The 1525 includes separate ordering options for 100, 120, and 220 VAC input. When ordering all other models, state the desired AC line voltage. The unit will be strapped and fused for that voltage.
  3. Options are available with a rear I/O mounting bar for affixing 36-contact PC edge connectors. With this option, five sets of I/O adapter blocks are included (for five connectors). Additional adapter block kits can be ordered as Model 5962-Z1A (with five sets of blocks per kit).
  4. The 1525 is available with NIM holes by special order.


Model 5962-Z1A Adapter Kit for 36-contact Rear I/O Connectors (five sets of adapter blocks)
Model 1950-001 or -002 Rack Mount Support Brackets for 1510 (pair)

Spares - Crate Subassemblies

Model 1502-110 Fan Unit
Model 1502-200 Power Supply
Model 1502-310 Crate