T0 Counters

From Rochester to BNL in 3 Hours of Less

On Friday June 8, 2001 five more T0 counters were delivered to BNL. The last T0 counter will be delivered to BNL on Monday June 11, 2001. These 6 counters will be installed in the IR on Monday June 11, by Wojtek Skulski and Erik Johnson.

The two pictures shown below, were taken on Friday June 8, at 5.30 am in B&L 108 at the University of Rochester. These pictures show one of the T0 counters installed in our cosmic ray timing test setup.

At 8.30 am on Friday June 8, the T0 counters safely arrived at Brookhaven airport on board Warrior 38290.



To view some pictures of the trip back to Rochester on June 8, click on this on this link.

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