T0 Support Structure

Thursday the 19th of April 2001: T0 support structure ready to ship!!!!!

The support structures for the T0 counters have been assembled. Ray Teng has build a mockup of the beam line so that we can practice installing the support structure before installation at RHIC. In the pictures below you see a 3" beam pipe (but not a Be pipe) located at the correct height above our lab table. The wood on the left, and the paper on the right simulate the Cherenkov and ring counters, respectively. The support structure can move up and down (motion build into the black support structure) and in and out (using the black screws visible in the pictures on the right-hand side). No fine adjustment is build in to allow motion parallel to the beam line.







The installation procedure of the T0 support structure is currently being developed. The installation will start with installing the black support structure on the aluminum base. The support will be lowered to its lowest position, at which point the bottom PMT mounts will be attached to the "support T". These pieces will have a paper alignment tool taped on to them with a 3" semicircle removed (see pictures below). This paper tool will be used to fine tune the position of the T0 support.







The T0 support structure will be installed in the interaction region during the week of April 23.