Experiment Mx-01c

Simple Harmonic Motion (Computer)


In this experiment, the motion of a mass on a spring is streched gravitationally. Data studio can be used to calculate the various energies of this system.

To carry out the measurements, follow the follwing steps.


Spring system at rest.
The first graph shows the position, velocity and acceleration of the mass and spring. When the acceleration of the system is zero, the velocity of the system has a minimum or maximum value. The second graph shows the different energies of the system. The sum of the kinetic and potential energies of the system is the net energy of the system which is constant. The net energy is represented by the blue curve on the lowest graph.



From top to bottom: poistion, velocity, and acceleration graphs generated in data studio.



From top to bottom: Kinetic energy of the ball (top), potential energy of the ball (middle), potential energy of spring and total energy of system (bottom).


Materials: Spring, metal ball, motion sensor, pasco box, setup to hold spring system.


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