Experiment Mn-01

Cavendish Balance

Description: A model Cavendish balance is shown to demonstrate the setup of the Cavendish balance experiment. Two small balls are connected to form a torsion balance. Two large bowling balls are placed near these balls so that they can interact with them gravitationally.


The model of the Cavendish balance set up for demonstration.

A real Cavendish balance is set up in the basement. A real-time image of this setup can be sent to the classroom via closed circuit television. In Hoyt auditorium, a laser beam bounced off a mirror attached to the wire in the torsion balance is directed through a hole in the floor and can be projected onto the wall. Over the span of a classperiod, students can observe the movement of the beam and thus the change in the angle of the torsion balance.


A close-up of the model.



Materials: model of Cavendish balance, television, Cavendish balance, laser, mirrors, Hoyt auditorium


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