Experiment Mb-14

Simultaneous Fall

Description: Two balls are set up on a level wooden block. When released simultaneously, one takes a parabolic trajectory path over and downward and the other takes a vertical path downward. Both balls, no matter their mass or physical size, will hit the ground at exactly the same time.


This is a picture of the setup for the simultaneous fall experiment. The arrow indicates the trigger which, when pushed up, will release both balls at the same time.

This experiment demonstrates that the force of gravity acts on all objects the same, no matter their mass, size, or path during falling.  Also, this experiment shows that vertical forces and horizontal forces act completely independently of each other.  The sound of the balls hitting is very clearly one sound even though two balls are falling.


This is an illustration of the experiment.




Materials: 2 metal balls, block with spring, level

Optional: metal pans(or other) to enhance single sound of hitting bottom


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