The Physics 105 Missile Defense System

Tested for the first time on April 23, 2001

Brought to you by the Physics 105 Students

The Physics 105 students tested their missile defense system on Monday April 23, 2001. In general, the rockets went up, but at this point we are not able to predicts the reliability of this system. A few hit a tree, but it would have been very unlikely that any of these rockets would have hit any incoming missiles, aimed at the U of R. This page provides a collection of pictures showing the rockets that were build by the Physics 105 students.

Physics 105 Rockets


 Rocket 1


 Rocket 2


Rocket 3


Rocket 4


Rocket 5


Rocket 6


Rocket 7


Rocket 8


Rocket 9


Rocket 10


Rocket 11


Rocket 12


Rocket 13

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