Import/Merge Roster

The Roster identifies the students in the Class. In an IR environment, the Roster for the Class must be in place before it can participate in any Sessions, because the Roster provides the vital link between the student's name and Student ID to the IR Clicker ID, transmitted with each student's Response, which ensures the student's Responses will be attributed to him. In the RF environment, the Roster for the RF Class can be created on-the-fly during a Session, as the Student ID is sent with each transmission, ensuring attribution.

A Roster can be created in a number of ways. For an in-depth look at creating Rosters, refer to Chapter Three Classes in the InterWrite PRS User's Guide.


The Import Roster Function Button

This Function Button appears only when there is no Roster associated with the selected Class. Click on it to display the Roster directory from which you can import a Roster for this Class.

The Import/Merge Roster Function Button

When a Roster is in place, you have the option of importing and overwriting the existing Roster, or merging a Roster with the existing Roster. When you merge a Roster with an existing Roster, new information is merged into existing student profiles and new student profiles are appended to the end of the Roster.