Grid Settings

The Response Grid is made up of Response Boxes arranged in the grid defined by the Rows/Columns settings. The Response Map, conceived as a virtual seating chart, allows you to assign each student to a permanent location in the Response Grid, where they can always look for confirmation that their Response transmission has been received. The Grid Settings you define here apply to this Response Map. Additional Response Grid settings are located on the Default Settings tab.

Grid Setting


Bottom Line of Response Box Shows

Indicate the identifying information, if any, you want displayed at the bottom of each Response Box in the Response Grid.

Cycle Response Map (if map size is greater than 50)

Set to Yes to turn on Cycle Mode for a large Response Map. This option will be grayed out if there are less than 50 Response Boxes (based on the total of the Rows and Columns settings).

Cycle Response Map Number of Boxes

Set the number of Response Boxes that will display in each cycled block.

Cycle Response Map Delay (in seconds)

Set the amount of time the current block of Response Boxes will display before the Response Map is cycled to the next block.