Physics 235, Homework Set 01

Due: noon, 9/7/2018

Write the following text on the front cover of your homework assignment and sign it. If the text is missing, 20 points will be subtracted from your homework grade.




1.     Find the transformation matrix that rotates a rectangular coordinate system through an angle of 120° about an axis making equal angles with the original three coordinate axes.


2.     X is an unknown vector satisfying the following relations involving known vectors A and B and the scalar f:




Express X in terms of A, B, f, and the magnitude of A.


3.     Find the value of a needed to make the following transformation orthogonal.




4.     Show that



5.     Find the value of the integral



if the vector A is equal to



and the surface S is defined by the paraboloid



where z ≥ 0.


Homework 1

This set covers the material discussed in Chapter 1.